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Wood flooring is available in several grades, widths and thicknesses. Common hardwoods include birch, maple, beech and oak and sometimes softwoods such as pine, fir and hemlock. Wood flooring comes in different forms — strip, plank, parquet and laminates. Most new hardwood flooring today is pre-finished and has UV-cured polyurethane layers which protects the finish.

Advantages of Wood Flooring:

  • Wood is a natural insulator.
  • It is easily cleaned and maintained and with proper care can be long lasting.
  • Can be purchased unfinished or pre-finished.
  • Can increase a home’s value.


  • Polyurethane finish can chip. Chipped spots and scratches will need refinishing.
  • Wood flooring is susceptible to damage from water, heavy traffic or from dropping heavy objects.
  • Sunlight can cause discoloration.
  • High traffic areas can be protected with small rugs or mats.


  • The installation costs can be slightly more expensive than some other types of flooring.
  • Savings can be achieved in the long-term as the floor can be long lasting. And, most hardwood floors can be refinished rather than replaced when worn.