nylon fiber carpet


This type of carpet is very resilient. Even after being compressed for extended periods of time, nylon will retain its original shape. Quick-drying, nylon carpet absorbs less than eight percent of its weight in water. It is easy to clean and won’t hold odors.

On the flip side, nylon fibers will fade if exposed to direct sunlight for many years. They are also not indestructible, and can be damaged by bleach, urine, and other harsh elements.

pet polyester fibers

PET (Polyester) Fibers

PET Fibers are very comfortable and soft to touch. They’re naturally stain and fade resistant, making them great for areas that might get messy. Our PET fiber carpets are a great value choice compared to some of our other options.

The biggest con of this type of carpet is their wearability. They are best used in low to medium traffic areas, or you might find yourself having to replace them after some time.

installing polypropylene carpet


These carpets are stain-resistant and easy to clean. They are also colour-safe, meaning the colour you select will be the colour it stays throughout the lifespan of the carpet. Polypropylene carpets have a unique velvety feel and are relatively inexpensive.

One downside of polypropylene is that it is a material that gets compressed, or squished, easily. It can also react negatively if it comes into contact with oil-based products.

triexta polyester fiber carpet

PTT (Triexta Polyester Fibers)

PTT carpets are very easy to clean and maintain. They will not get discoloured from substances like red wine and pet urine. They are a great, inexpensive carpet choice.

Something to keep in mind about PTT carpets is that they are not very resilient. Heavy loads will cause them to compress and lose their shape. Another thing is that the fibers can bond to any oil they come into contact with, causing premature wearing.