Resilient Flooring

resilent livingroom flooring

What is Resilient Flooring?

A practical product that comes in many patterns, resilient flooring is sheet or tile flooring. Usually with a pattern printed on the surface. Common types include sheet flooring, vinyl composition tile, linoleum sheet or tile, rubber sheet or tile, and cork.

Advantages & Considerations of Resilient Flooring

    Available in a wide range of colours & patterns
    Available in a wide range of prices
    Easy to install
    Easy to clean & maintain
    Comfortable to stand on
    Moderately durable
vinyl flooring
    Tiles may curl if not installed properly
    Tiles may curl if subject to a lot of wear
    Because the tiles are thin, too much wear & tear can cause permanent damage
    Minor problems such as blisters, scratches, tears & holes need to be repaired quickly